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Russian River Register Activities

1. The Register performs the following activities in the field of classification of self-propelled inland navigation ships with the output of main engines of not less than 55 kW, non self-propelled ships with the tonnage of not less than 80 tons, all passenger vessels and tankers, ferries and pontoons on inland waterways alongside with river-sea navigation ships:
1.1.    issues the Rules for designing, construction, repair and operation of the classed ships and the Rules for manufacturing the materials and products intended for installation onboard ships (further the Rules) approved by the federal executive authority in the field of transport;
1.2.    carries out classification of inland and river-sea navigation ships (assigns, confirms, renews, cancels, restores (reinstates) the classes to ships, reclassifies the ships with the issuance of the relevant Certificates according to the classification of water basins depending on their wind and wave mode;
1.3.    keeps records of ships classed by the Register, publishes Register Books at least once a year.
Other kinds of Russian River Register activities
2. Highly qualified staff, a wide network of representations in Russia allow Russian River Register to provide a full range of the following services quickly and reliably in any region of Russia:
2.1. flaw detection (of the hull, ships elements, machinery, cable lines);
2.2. development of design and engineering (technical) documentation, projects of conveyance of ships beyond the assigned navigation area, analysis of ships compliance with the Russian River Register Rules;
2.3 performing of calculations (capacity of ships, endurance as regarding ecological safety, strength and stability estimation, freeboard calculations, torsional vibrations calculations);
2.4 carrying out heeling tests;
2.5 working out the technical documentation for shaftings;
2.6. thermotechnical control of internal combustion engines;
2.7. torsiographing;
2.8. voluntary certification of products, work and services, quality management systems;
2.9 consideration, approval, examination of the documentation for licensing, standards, technical conditions and other normative documents for the materials not covered by the List of Objects of Technical Supervision carried out by the Register and for the services (work), the results of which are not taken into account in the classification activity;
2.10 advisory services, rendering the information services;
2.11. survey of ships by independent experts for insurance purposes etc.;
3.12.using of ships owned by RRR Branch Offices for needs of the shipowners and agent companies;
3.13. survey of containers;
3.14. participation in commissions (for certification of welders, inspections of ships etc.);
3.15. granting the right to use software owned by the River Register;
3.16. providing the information of the database of ships classed by RRR;
3.17 distribution of the Russian River Register Rules and amendments thereto.

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